You Can't Buy Engagement, You have to Build it!

Social media is the singular most powerful digital marketing tool out there. The reason being is that it allows you to cultivate and create your own audience rather than trying to fit into someone else's.

What do I mean by creating your own audience?

Here's an example: Let's say you have created a new sports medicine technology for professional athletes that doubles the speed of muscle recovery. When creating your marketing strategy, you decide to advertise on TV. You grab a space on ESPN, create the perfect ad, targeting these professional athletes. The ad airs for one week and the results are completely insignificant. It's not effective. Why? Because most of the people watching ESPN are sports fans - not professional athletes. Many of them are not active at all and have absolutely no need or interest in your product. So if this isn't the right network then what is?! The problem is not the network, the problem is that you're trying to fit into someone else's audience (in this case ESPN).

Now let's say this same company decided that instead of investing their resources in TV ads, they were going to focus on growing their social media following and influence. After 1 year of consistent content flow and engagement they have managed to grow a their following to 500K using only FREE social media platforms. This audience may seem small compared to ESPN BUT, these 500,000 people are YOUR audience, they are narrowed in on your vision and completely aligned with you brand. They are invested in your process and cheering you on every step you take. These are your LOYAL customers. This is your tribe and together, you will be successful!

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Analiese Ross