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It's never too late to be whoever you want to be!

I’ve had a print out of this quote hanging in my bedroom for the past five years. It’s one of my all time favorites. 

After graduating from college I took my first job at @yelpsf. I quickly realized that it was a horrible fit for me. I literally felt like I was withering away in a stuffy office while this huge world of opportunity passed me by. (I know that sounds dramatic) but It was completely soul crushing and left me feeling beat down and depressed every single day. 

I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with me. There were thousands of other people working this same job, in the same office and they were doing just fine. Why was I so miserable?! ...maybe I was just lazy? Unmotivated? Not cut out for the working world? I thought up countless reasons. It took me a long time to realize that these reasons were really just excuses. I knew I needed a change and a big one but I was scared to start all over.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, so I quit my job. I left San Francisco. I changed my circle, surround myself with positive people who knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with me. People who saw I was destined for something bigger and greater in life when I couldn’t see it in myself. It was freaking hard, it took time and adjustment but slowly and surely I felt my fire start burning again! My dreams got bigger, my motivation stronger, and with that came results! And guess what?! AMR is still a tiny little baby with a super bright future and so many more exciting things to come! 

So for anyone out there who may feel stuck, depressed or hopeless in their current situations. Just know, there is nothing wrong with you! Starting over is hard but the payoff is huge. So find yourself a great support system and take the leap! I believe in you!!

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