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TGI-Monday: How to Make Monday Your Favorite Day!

TGI-Monday my friends! As many of you already know, I love Monday’s - which I know is not normal. And trust me, it hasn’t always been like this.

So, what changed? My attitude! Easier said then done though, right? Well here’s some tips on where I started.

1. Start a journal - wake up everyday (especially Monday’s) and write down 3 things you are grateful for in your life. 

2. Move your body! Go to the gym, go on a walk, do some yoga, whatever it is you like to do - make time for it on Monday’s!

3. Eat a healthy and full breakfast, I know I sound like your mom, but this seriously makes all the difference. Your brain will be sharper, your energy better and you will feel happier!

4. Try to go all day without complaining about it being Monday. Even if you are miserable - keep it to yourself. Energy is contagious and the second you start sharing that negative energy it will affect your motivation and the people’s around you. (Just to clarify: I’m not saying you can’t talk about your feelings with your friends, just be conscious of how you express yourself).

5. Positive self talk. Give yourself a pep-talk, stand in super hero position (those of you who watch greys anatomy know), meditate - whatever it is for you that makes you feel powerful and unstoppable! 

6. Treat yourself to a glass of champagne or a nice dinner with friends! Make a reoccurring date night so you have something to look forward to on Monday nights!

Try it out and let me know what you think! 😊

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