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How to Make the Leap from Quitting your 9-5 Desk Job to Being your own BOSS!

I know I’m always posting about the importance of taking control of your life and encouraging you to make that leap towards accomplishing your goals. Well taking that leap and actually quitting your job is freaking scary. I’ve been there and I totally get it. But, I’m also here to calm your nerves and tell you, once again, to have faith in the process!!

I honestly believe that the key to success in starting your own business is having the ability to sell yourself and your idea.

I know at least half of you are thinking.... sales?! Fuck, that’s not what I want to do with my life. There are two types of people in the world sales people and non-sales people. I am most definitely a non-sales person.

To put things in perspective, my first job out of college I worked selling advertising for Yelp. I worked there for 3 months and made ZERO sales. The worst part was I was really trying!! I busted my butt everyday. (If I hadn’t I definitively would have been fired haha). Anyways, long story short, I was the worst sales person everrrrr. 

So after what felt like the longest 3 months of my life. I QUIT - it was the best day I’d had in a longggg time! I had no idea what I was going to do with my life but I knew it was not going to be sales.

A couple months later I started AMR and within the first quarter I was making sales like crazy! And it was so easy and natural!!

How is this possible? The key to selling anything (whether it be yourself or a product) is passion. When you are super passionate about something it shows in your voice, your energy, and your presence and that energy is contagious!! It gets other people super excited about what you’re doing! And then SALES happen. And then just like that you have income! And stability! And most importantly - MOMENTUM! And that’s how you make the leap from quitting your 9-5 desk job to being your own BOSS!

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