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The Cost of Kindness

It costs absolutely nothing to be kind and supportive! 

Starting your own business is a wild and crazy and emotional roller coaster. All of you entrepreneurs out there know this. And I’m sure you all remember those people who made you feel insecure about your dreams. The ones who told you that you’d never make it, and urged you to play it safe and minimize your ambition. The ones who were just waiting for you to fail (and you did, but you got up and KEPT TRYING). Sometimes it’s not the words they say but just the tone of their voice or look in their eye that you can tell they think you’re crazy.

Now I want you to reflect on who your biggest supporter is. The person or people that have been there and believed in through every up and down. The ones who challenge you to think even bigger because they know you are destined for great things. These are the people who help us rise!

It’s up to you who you want to be. You can’t control the haters but you can control yourself and how you impact the people you know and love. So be that person that inspires and supports others. Entrepreneurship can be a rocky and lonely path. Everyone needs someone in their corner to believe in them and cheer them on!

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